Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday night

I'm sitting here at Busboys having a chicken quesadilla and chatting with this lovely young blonde woman named Laura. Just another day in DC. I'm here because the apartment where I'm staying has doesn't get very good signal for internet connection. I'm looking forward to moving into my new downtown apartment.
My first week at the Times was good but now I think things are picking up. We're doing a lot of Washington-related graphics due to the bailout and the bad economy.
Speaking of politics, I can't help but feel sorry for Sarah Palin. Yes, I'm a card-carrying liberal Democrat, but even I was saddened a bit seeing here sit there in front of Katie Couric. The deer-in-the-headlights expression said it all. It all reminds me of the Katherine Harris situation, only without the gaudy makeup. A person who is not quite ready for the spotlight suddenly put on the national stage. I'm curious as to what is going to happen to here after McCain loses (yes, I said it).
Enough of politics, I have some cartoons to draw.

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