Friday, October 3, 2008

On the bus again

I'm sitting on the bus with the a lovely you woman named Jolie on my way to New York. It's Friday morning and I'm on my way to New York. With $40 round trip fares I'll be going back to the City more often. I had a pretty cool but rough second week at the Washington Times. There's still lots to learn, but I'm getting the hang of it. Drawing cartoons would seem to be a challenge, but so far so good. I've drawn all of my "Cafe con Leche" cartoons for the week and I'll be finishing up "Working It Out" while in NYC.
I'm really starting to like Washington, but I'll never get used to one aspect of the joint: Rampant slowness. People who know me also know that I move at a pretty rapid pace. It's just my nature. I do well in places like New York, San Francisco and Miami. But here in DC I had to hit the brakes a bit. People take their time with everything, which drives me crazy (I shouldn't have to wait a full minute at a traffic light). I mean, people really move at a snail's pace. St. Petersburg, Florida and Columbus, Ohio shouldn't be faster-paced cities than Washington, DC, but they are. Sad, I know.
My saving grace is my neighborhood. The pace is a bit normal and it's quite urban. I absolutely love it. The surrounding there help me focus on drawing my cartoon. I would compare it to Hell's Kitchen in NYC or River North in Chicago. Very busy, but nice.
Anyways, I'm in dire need of a cup of coffee. Hasta la proxima vez que te escribo!

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