Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Who knew?

I had no idea that people actually read this blog (besides Rick, that is). I've been getting all kinds of responses from people wishing me luck on my new gig in DC. I want to be clear though that be doing informational graphics at the Times. I'll still be doing my regular syndicated cartoons on my own time, but hopefully trying something new. I'm in the process of learning Flash and hopefully I'll be applying it to online graphics at the Times AND my cartoons. Very soon you should be seeing some Flash animations of both "Working It Out" and "Cafe con Leche" on this blog.


Rick Tuma said...

I can't wait to see your Flash animations, 'Los, haven't really tried that except for a short movie of a character (I've never developed) walking. It turned out pretty nice.

Rick Tuma said...

Check out Joe Fournier's Flash animation of a Sarah Palin interview . . . it's real nice work. Here's the link: