Friday, September 12, 2008

No longer unemployed

At last! After about 4 months without a full time job I finally landed a gig with the Washington Times. I'm on the train right now headed to Washington to look for an apartment. This has been a very difficult summer for me but now I'm looking forward to a steady paycheck. I was very concerned about working in the print journalism field again but I'm hoping for the best. I am not leaving New York City totally in the rear view mirror. I plan on going back a few times per month to keep my contacts there. It's an easy train ride.


Brubaker said...

Congrats, Charlos!

So, are you going to contribute editorial cartoons to the Moonie Times? They already have one (Bill Garner), but hey, one more couldn't hurt.

Mike Rhode said...

Good for you - there's a little bit of a cartooning community in DC - check out either or

Both sites have plenty of links to other DC cartoonists.