Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Settling in to DC

Morning all:

I'm sitting at this quaint cafe on DC's Northwest side aptly named "Busboys and Poets." It's quickly becoming my favorite DC spot. Very hip place with a bookstore in the back and regular poetry slams. It looks kinda like a place you'll find in the East Village on NYC, but a lot more diverse.
I'm recovering from my first day of work at the Times. There is a huge learning curve there, but I think I'll be find. They're in the middle of the political season which really gets me going since I'm a retired editorial cartoonist. Finding time to do my cartoons isn't going to be difficult because of my work schedule.
I haven't found proper housing yet, but I'm thinking about settling in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. It reminds me of Queens: quiet but urban. That's all for now. Back to my vegan chili.

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