Sunday, September 14, 2008

The big 4-0

Yep, today is my birthday. Can't believe that I'm 40, but that's life. I really can't say that I'm freaking out like my father did when he turned 40. Maybe its because I've been so busy in the last few months. Or maybe its because I don't see 40 as such a big deal. Everybody keeps telling me that it should be a big deal, but I'm not seeing it.
I look around and see the actors entertainers that have also turned 40 this year: Will Smith, LL Cool J, Marc Anthony and Terrance Howard. They don't see old to me. I guess things are different than my father's era. Is 40 the new 30? Obviously not. That's just some saying that old cats say. Forty is the old forty.
Moving on...

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Rick Tuma said...

Happy birthday 'Los! Trust me, 40 is the new 29. You'll be fine. Have a fun one.