Monday, July 2, 2007

Starting my day

Just woke up this morning thinking about topics for my cartoons and I'm coming up with nada. I need to take a walk over to Starbucks with my new Starbucks card that was given to me by someone special. I'm hoping that walking the city streets can inspire me to create wonderful things for "Cafe con Leche." The cartoon is about a biracial couple, so what better place to examine multicultral life than New York?
I can't afford to park my car in my apartment building (I'm just not going to pay $450 per month), so I'm going to New Jersey to find a parking space. Much cheaper over there, but its just wierd to have my car in Jersey while I'm here in the city. Stay tuned.

1 comment:

Rick Tuma said...

'Los, gotta admire your persistence. I knew you when Working It Out was only a twinkle in your eyes and now look at you: a man with TWO published strips. Here's hoping this month doesn't rip by so fast you don't have time to enjoy it.