Thursday, July 5, 2007

Black cartoonists (revisited)

Thanks a reply from dd dreg (good looking out, yo) I was finally able to get a partial list of the black cartoonists out there. Here's what I have so far...

Morrie Turner
Robb Armstrong
Keith Knight
Stephen Bentley
Darrin Bell
Cory Thomas
Steve Watkins
Ray Billingsley
Barbara Brandon
Jerry Craft
Charles Boyce
And me, Charlos Gary

Thats 12 cartoonists. Of that those on that Iist, I only know Jerry Craft. Hopefully, I'll get to meet all of them some day.
Twelve is a small number, yet that's still more that the number of Latino, Asian and female cartoonist out there. In a country of such diversity why is that reflected in the funny pages?

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Charlie Brubaker said...

Speaking of Keith Knight, check out this cartoon:

You barely made an appearance here.