Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Dissed by chat board

I was reading an internet message board a while back (February or so). Creators Syndicate was just introducing my cartoon "Cafe con Leche" to their website with a month-long sneak preview. I was appalled to read personal attacks on this message board. Most were cartoonists and they were dissin' my strip left and right. One of them was a recognizable cartoonist, though I won't mention names. I thought the whole thing was silly, though it did piss me off a bit. I guess what I'm asking is where is the unity among cartoonists, particulaly those of color? Boondocks goes off the shelf, and suddenly the rest of us go into diss-mode about the next cartoon. It kinda reminded me of the whole Biggie vs. Tupac thing. A lot a beef, but nothing else. Everybody is talented, otherwise do you think we'd be syndicated? As a cat who knows what its like to stay up till 3 am just not to miss a deadline, I sympathize with all of my fellow toonists.

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