Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Its hard out there for a 'toonist.

Well, I've been drawing my brains out the last 25 days or so, and done a little marketing of the stip on the side. What I've come to realize is that marketing is a full time job. I've sent out hundreds of postcard mailers, flyers (english and Spanish), sent bunches of emails and made a ton of phone calls to potential clients of my strip this month. The result: Nada. Not one new client this month. I'd be pretty bummed right now if I didn't realize that this is just par for the course. Most cartoonists go through it, and now its just my time. The secret is just getting the word out, by any means necessary.
Basically, to use the metaphore, I've planted the seeds of my cartoon "Cafe con Leche" to hundreds of comic editors around the country. I guess I'll have to wait for the harvest in the coming months. The marketing side of the biz is quite unpleasant, but I guess its a necessary evil.

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