Wednesday, July 23, 2008

An "Ugly" encounter

Very strange things happen in New York City. Case in point...
Yesterday I ascended from the E-train on my way to my studio in Queens when I saw a bunch of TV cameras all over the place. People were gathered around the block to take a peek at what the hell was going on. This is weird, since Queens folks could see a dead body laying in the middle of an intersection and wouldn't care. I asked one of the camera dudes what was happening. He told me that they were filming part of an episode for the TV show "Ugly Betty." Apparently they were filming right at the corner of 23rd and 44th rd. inside of the Palace Fried Chicken joint (which is a dump). I didn't get it. Of all the places to film in L.I.C. they picked the Palace?
I've eaten there and got all kinds of heart burn. Grease truly is the word. Like any curious person I stuck around for a few minutes but had to retreat to my studio to get some work done. Strange because I've never seen so many celebrities in my life. Since moving here I've seen a top model, Lou Dobbs, and now the "Ugly Betty" cast. Oh, well, back to work.

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