Sunday, June 1, 2008

Visiting the orginal "Mama G"

So today is Sunday and I'm going up to Orlando to pay a visit to my very own mother, the inspiration behind the "Mama G" character of my comic strip "Cafe con Leche." Most of the characters I draw in "Cafe con Leche" are based on people that I know, but the "Mama G" character is a nearly correct interpretation of my very own 'mama' (Julia Gary).
I suspect that she'll give me the usual lectures on eating right and stuff, but I'm really going up there with pen in hand to hopefully include more of here ways into my strip. You see, it was my mother who really encouraged me to follow my dreams of being an artist. She didn't really complain when I would draw characters all over her walls at age 5. Actually she did, but she didn't discourage from being a professional artist like others did.
So, there's a special bond between my mother and I. Similar to the bond between my CCL characters "Trey" and "Mama G." If my head ever gets too big, I always think of one of my mother's favorite phrases...

"Boy, you ain't never too old for a butt whipping!"

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