Monday, June 23, 2008

Scaring the piss out of Lou Dobbs

You know, the strangest things happen to me here in New York City. A few weeks back I ran into one of "America's Next Top Models" on the uptown "Q" train at 14th Street. Today a much different story. After a long day of running errands, I decided to go in the Whole Foods store in Columbus Circle. That's right, black people shop at Whole Foods too!
Anyways, I loaded my cart with three bags of good and readied myself for the long trip uptown. As I exited the store on 58th Street, I spotted Lou Dobbs fiddling with his Blackberry. It's hard to miss a tall, gray-haired dude in an expensive suit walking down 58th. I stopped for a moment just to make sure it was him. I ran to catch up with him, tapped him on the shoulder (like a dumbass) and said "Hey, aren't you Lou Dobbs?" I swear, based on his reaction he probably thought that I was trying to mug him. He seemed dazed, but snapped back into focus once he realized that I had no interest in snatching his wallet.
He replied "yes, yes I am." I didn't want to seem like a moron, so I tried to make it brief. I said "You're that "Mr. Independent" guy, right?" What I REALLY wanted to say was ", why do you hate Mexicans so much?" I didn't have the heart to tell him that I had already done a cartoon about his Mexican-hating antics in "Cafe con Leche" earlier this year.
He seemed like a cool guy, though. After realizing that I actually watched him on CNN he seemed to brighten up. There's gotta be a cartoon idea in all of this.

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