Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I spent much of the day packing my stuff for the move to the city. The moving van comes tomorrow and it seems like my whole life is sitting in boxes. I can't make a "straight" move just yet. Most of my stuff will be sitting at a storage facility in Pinellas Park, Florida until I can get everything moved up. I must have thrown away a third of my stuff today. I guess it was time.
I tried to get as caught up with my cartoons as possible. The next time that I'll get a chance to draw will be on Monday, so I think I'm fine.
On a different note, I just learned that the "Single and Looking" cartoon by Matt Janz has ended. I was really rooting for it because it was so different. It didn't look like anything else in the comics pages. I guess that's how things are going in the newspaper industry.

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