Friday, June 27, 2008

My Queens adventure

Well, I'm officially a starving artist now. Complete with my own art studio. I just rented a 400 sq. ft. art studio in the Long Island City (L.I.C.) neighborhood of Queens. I have a lovely view of the Queensboro Bridge and you can see the Manhattan skyline at night. It's a wonderful space filled with artists. The neighborhood is kinda cool too. I'm just 2 blocks from the Q'boro. On the other side of the bridge is New York's largest housing project called "The Queensbridge projects," home such hip-hoppers as Nas (new school) and Marley Marl (Old school). To the south of me, along Vernon Blvd. is the ultra-yuppie section of L.I.C called "Queens West." Lots of luxury hi-rise over there, but some fine eateries too. If you're ever in the area you can always find me drinking a pint of something at Domenies Hoek or L.I.C Bar, both on Vernon Blvd.
Around the corner from me along Jackson Ave. is the great "5 points" art studios. The place is recognizable from the subway due to all of the grafitti on the walls. Across the street from there is the PS1 museum of art. Good stuff there. Up Vernon (past the projects) is the Noguchi gardens museum. Also VERY cool.
I guess I lucked out on the neighborhood front. Now I just need to pay the rent.

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