Friday, January 11, 2008


So, the black cartoonists have mobilized. We have a date set for our impending protest/sit-in day and we're getting good press. I gotta say that I never thought I'd see the day when we'd all get together like this. I was wondering if people even noticed the very small amount of black/minority-themed cartoons on the comic pages. At least this brings some attention to the subject, which has been a long time coming.
I think that this day of action might just benefit all cartoonists in general. Maybe comic editors will think twice before deciding to fill their comic pages with the same 'ol stuff. Maybe we can get to see newer cartoons like Lio or Reality Check instead of B.C., Shoe, or Peanuts. Did I mention that the creators of the last three cartoons I mentioned are all dead? I'm certainly not trying to diss the classics, but I'm all for progress. A good cartoonist friend of mine once suggested that if people really wanted to read Peanuts they could just buy one of the many book colletions that Shultz published.
Progress is good. Let's keep it coming.

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