Thursday, January 3, 2008

Fight the power!

Well, I guess its time to let the cat out the bag. For days I've been saying that something big has been brewing for minority cartoonists. Well, time to let the cat out the bag. Some well known cartoonists of color (myself included) are staging a 1-day protest on Sunday, Feb. 10.
I driving idea behind this is that representation in newspapers, or lack thereof. I've been communicating with several black, Latino and Asian syndicated cartoonists over the last few months and there seems to be a general consensus that our cartoons are under represented in the daily newspapers across the country. Generally speaking, most papers tend to pick a few (maybe 2) minority-centered cartoons, regardless of subject matter. This means that essentially all minority-centered cartoons must then fight over 1 or 2 spots.
The basic premise of this whole thing is that, for one day only, we're going to draw the same Sunday cartoon. It was a cartoon idea originally conceived by Cory Thomas from "Watch Your Head." This thing should be good, especially since nothing like this has ever been done before. Further details will follow, but in the meantime here's a short list of some the cartoonist who will be participating...

Cory Thomas “Watch Your Head” (Washington Post Writers Group)
Charlos Gary “CafĂ© con Leche” and “Working It Out” (Creators Syndicate)
Nate Creekmore “Maintaining” (Universal Press Syndicate)
Darrin Bell “Candorville” and “Rudy Park” (WPWG)
Stephen Watkins “”Housebroken” (Tribune Media Service)
Jerry Craft “Mama’s Boyz” (King Features Syndicate)

There are other cartoonists that I haven’t mention because I’m not sure of what their status is yet. Anywho, there you have it.

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Rick Tuma said...

Hopefully this will begin a 'winds-of-change' for minority cartoonists. At the least it will be exciting to have done something like this first.

Any thoughts to a small souvenir-type mini-publication with the groups efforts compiled under one roof? I don't mean to trivialize what you are doing, I just think that would satisfy my curiosity about the entire effort.