Sunday, January 20, 2008

Changing topics (Soccer)

A couple of nights ago I was in Stout Bar in Midtown Manhattan getting ready to watch a soccer game between the U.S. national team and Sweden. As I reach out to down my Stella, Red Bull New York head coach Juan Carlos Osorio walks in. Now, I'm supposed to hate this guy, being that h is the head coach of my team's (DC United) hated rivals. He stood in front of a group of rabid RBNY fans as I tried to conceal the fact that I'm a fan of DCU. He stared to talk and suddenly I began to realize how cool this dude was. It was a real treat for a true soccer fan to see somebody with that kind of knowledge of the game. After he made his speech, the Colombian-born Osorio made his way through the crowd to meet people. About 5 minutes later, there he was, in my face with his hand extended. I felt like some kind of hypocrite, but I shook his hand anyway. He told me that he hope to see me at some of the Red Bull games, I responded with "Es un honor para encontrarte" (It's an honor to meet you).

Though Osorio was a gentleman, I still hope that my team pummels his team when the season starts.

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