Thursday, January 17, 2008

Good week for black cartoonists

As you probably, I've been involved with the upcoming Feb. 10th black cartoonist action day. Basically, 8 black cartoonists are going to draw the same Sunday comic for 1 day to bring attention to the fact that most comic editors think that we are interchangeable, regardless of or our content.
This week, we've received an enormours amount of media attention. First there was the story last Monday in the St. Petersburg Times, then I saw the story pop up on NPR, Editor & Publisher and NABJ websites. It just gets better. I found out this week that the Washington Post is doing a story about it and there's a possiblity that Newsweek will be putting it in their publication. Whew! That's alll unexpected to say the least, but I'll take it.
Well, I gotta board a flight to New York City to do some promotion stuff. It sucks, I know, but I gotta keep getting the word out. Also, shouts out to my boy Kevin who hooked up the whole Newsweek thing. Good looking out, yo.

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