Friday, March 21, 2008

Freelancing my brains off

With the exposure from last month's black cartoonist 'sketch-in,' I've been able to secure a few new freelance project. That's cool, because everybody can use a little bit of extra cash now and then. The bad thing is that this takes away from what precious little time I already have. Not that I'm really complaing (cause I love being a cartoonist), but I often wonder what its like to take a full vacation. I haven't taken a real vacation in a great while. Usually I take a few day off from my day job at the St. Pete Times to catch up on some cartoon stuff.
It's my own damn fault, though. I live in Tampa Bay, home of some of the world's greatest beaches yet I hardly ever visit that part of town. Maybe I can combine things: take my sketch pad out to Madiera Beach. That would be great except for the mosquitos, humidity, crying babies, tourists kicking sand in my.....Never mind.

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