Monday, March 17, 2008

The envy of soccer moms everywhere

So, I'm stuck in bed doing a bit more blogging than usual (cause I got no where go to). Before I got crazy sick over the weekend, I had a chance to attend a pretty good soccer game. It was Olympic qualifiers and team USA was playing Honduras. Other than a few very annoying Honduran fans, the game was good, USA won 1-0. However, the coolest part of the match was when it was over. I got the chance to meet the two stars of the team Jozy Altidore and Freddy Adu (pictured smiling above). As I chatted with Adu about his time at DC United and SL Benfica (it's a soccer thing, you wouldn't understand) I started to think: This guy's filthy rich. Suddenly I got a bit depressed. I mean, I'm in my late thirties and this guy just turned 18 and makes about $4 million per year.
If I was only gifted with talent I could've been a pro athlete. Nah. I'll stick with cartooning.

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