Monday, May 5, 2008

Things is tough

(Pardon the bad english).

Lately I've been feeling the crunch of this bad economy and job market. The ironic thing is that I draw a cartoon about the ins and outs of corporate life. I don't know how many co-workers have come up to me to express their uneasyness the the jobs forecasts lately. As I listen to them I'm silently concerned about my own future in these tough times. Kinda depressing, don't ya think?
Sure, I selfishly use some of this economic distress as material for my comic strip, but sometimes reality just not that funny.
People are running scared with no end in sight.

You know, a great poet once said, and I quote ..."Its like a jungle, sometimes it makes me wonder if I keep from going under."

That's a little inside joke for the people who know me best.

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