Friday, May 30, 2008

Saluting Jones High

You may have noticed that I've made a few changes in my comic strip "Cafe con Leche." I've been trying to make it more personal and sometimes I'll sneak in familiar names and places. For the week of June 30th, I've decided to salute Jones High School in Orlando, Fla. I didn't attend Jones, but it was the closest high school to my neighborhood. Back in the '80s it was known for random stootings and was surrounded by some pretty bad neighborhoods.
I wanted to shed a little positive light on Jones by making it the setting for a high school reunion for my lead character "Trey." I had always wondered why my parents didn't let us go to Jones, best know for being the alma mater of actor (and now convicted felon) Wesley Snipes. We all got bussed miles away to the "safer" Oak Ridge HS, which wasn't really that safe. Would have loved to have been a member of the Jones High marching Tiger band, but I had to settle for being a ORHS Pioneer. Memories.
In any event, here's to you JHS.

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