Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Wish List

So, today is Christmas morning. Actually, its about 12:30 a.m. and I just got finished drawing a daily "Cafe Con Leche" cartoon. Such is the life of a syndicated cartoonist, the work never stops. Anywho, it got me thinking about newspapers I'd like to see "Cafe con Leche" in. Here we go.

1.) Toledo Blade:
Medium-sized newspaper located in Toledo, Ohio. This paper is significant to me because I read it almost everyday when I was a student at the University of Toledo. I like the Peach section, though I hear that it's not actually the color peach anymore (Thank God).

2.) The Orlando Sentinel:
Well, as many people know, I consider Orlando my hometown and it would be great to give my mother something to be proud of. She's always on my back about contacting the Sentinel and making my pitch (which I do). Besides, I think it would make a nice story. Guy from the 'hood does good and makes the local paper. Now, that's a human interest story.

3.) The St. Petersburg Times (Fl.)
Reason 1: I work there.
Reason 2: I work there
Reason 3: I work there.
Geez! Give a brutha a break, already!

4.) Chicago Tribune:
I know Geoff Brown and a few other features editor there. And, of course, I used to work there. Plus, I think CCL would do well considering the diverse population of Chicago.

5.) New York Daily News:
One of my favorite papers. I used to read it a lot when I lived in the City. I'm also a fan of their comics section, which is the only decent legitimate one in the City. Are you listening, NY Post?

6.) Miami Herald:
Well, I was born down there in South Florida and they already run "Working It Out" (thanks for that).

7.) (Newark, N.J.) Star-Ledger:
I think the "voice of New Jersey" as they are called has by far the best comics section in the Tri-State area. I've been in that part of Jersey and I am certain that it's community would embrace CCL.

8.) Los Angeles Times:
When I lived out in San Diego (notice that THAT paper isn't on my list) I read the L.A. Times religiously. Prolly the most diverse comics section I've seen. I also like that fact that they aren't afraid to take a few risks, like adding relatively unknown comics.

9.) Houston Chronicle:
Also a very good selection of comics on their page. And, a very diverse population.

10.) San Francisco Chronicle:
One of my all-time favorite newspapers, though I've noticed that the paper is getting smaller and smaller. They really sick behind their cartoonists. Just ask Don Assmussen.

That's just a wish-list. Keep in mind, I'll take ANY newspaper that is thinking about picking up either comic. But the above papers have special meaning. After all, this is Christmas.

Ho ho ho.

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