Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Who do I have to bribe... get one of my cartoons in the Orlando Sentinel? All kidding aside, I'm perplexed at, after 6 years of trying, NONE of my two syndicated cartoons appear in what I like to call my hometown newspaper. You see, I've lived in many places such as New York, Chicago, San Diego, Columbus and Toledo, Ohio. But no place is more dear to my heart than the place where I spent my formative years. Heck, my parents still live there. Wouldn't it be a coup for Central Florida's major daily newspaper to run a cartoon from a guy who grew up in a poor section of Orlando? A guy who grew up to be one of America's few African-American syndicated cartoonists?
I constantly get asked that question from my mother, who has threatened a letter writing campaign on my behalf. Though I wouldn't want her to resort to that, it still pains me to pick up a copy of the Sentinel, read the comics section, and sigh...

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