Wednesday, October 31, 2007


No. It’s a word that you get used to hearing from features editors as a cartoonist trying to sell his/her strip. Not as optimistic as “maybe,” yet not nearly as harsh as “hell no!” or “get out of my office!” No can come in many forms. There’s the “..We’ll get back to you on this” or the “…sorry, we just don’t have the budget to add another cartoon.” One of my favorites is the silent treatment. You know, when they don’t say anything. You’ll recognize this by the uncomfortable smile on their faces.
I’ve heard many stories of rejection from fellow cartoonists and up-and-comers. My best advice is just to be a pest. Keep on trying if you believe in yourself.

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Mike Sieber said...

I especially like the silent treatment. There's nothing like sending off a few submission packs to newspaper syndicates, waiting for months and not even getting a standard rejection letter back IN THE SASE YOU INCLUDED!

I realize that these people are busy, but jeeze, show a little professionalism please.