Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Drawing and Hyperhidrosis

One of the more difficult things that I've ever had to deal with is Hyperhidrosis, a condition that has affected me since I was 5 years old. Basically, Hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating, usually associated with the hands, feet, face and armpits. My man problem has been with my hands, an essential area for any artist. Years ago I didn't know what to do about it or how to treat it. My parents had no idea either and just hoped that I'd "grow out of it." Well, that didn't happen, nor will that ever happen.
It has always affected how I draw. As a child, I used to fold up paper and place it underneath my hand as I drew. If I didn't do that, I'd soak the entire sheet of paper with sweat. Drawing was not the only problem, general contact with people was also difficult. I didn't like shaking hands with people because I just didn't want to face the look of surprise on their faces when they realized they were shaking a wet hand.
I was never comfortable drawing cartoons with my conditition and once even considered giving up. As an adult, I began to research the topic and discovered that there were treatment options for hyperhidrosis. After years of extensive trial and error, I finally found a solution. Though it was difficult at first, I can finally draw my cartoons with confidence.


Gar said...

You left me hanging there at the end. What was the solution that worked for you?

That question aside, I really enjoy your work!

Jackie said...

I like using Tannin tea solutions to stop my hand sweating. Basically, you put three tea bags and 4 cups of water in a bowl and soak your hands for 15 minutes. Do this for 5 days and you'll see your hand sweating decrease significantly.

You can see the full step-by-step remedy at www.prevent-sweating.com.

Jackie said...

I found out that Drysol works well for hand sweating too.

The show this remedy for
Sweaty Palms on http://www.prevent-sweating.com also.

Jackie said...

Hyperhidrosis is a fairly common disorder shared by millions across the world.

By definition, Hyperhidrosis is the excessive sweating of the head, face, hands, feet and armpits no matter the temperature or conditions.

The sweating is erratic, unpredictable and uncontrollable. You do have some options.

To stop the excessive sweating try:

1. Drysol

Drysol is a prescription deodorant that works wonders for underarm, hand and foot sweating.

Apply it to your hands, feet, armpits or anywhere else you sweat at night before bed. You only need to apply it once a day - it's not like regular deodorant. This stuff is Clinical

Strenghth. Beware of irritation with Drysol. You may have to take a day or two off from this treatment if your skin gets too dry, sensative or red with a rash.

2. Drink more water to lower your body temperature.

A lot of people are confused by this solution. They think if they drink more water, it will give them that much more fluid to sweat out. This is totally incorrect.

Drinking more water cools your core temperature and will alleviate some of the excessive sweating.

Of course now you'll need to worry about all those bathroom breaks. :)

3. Drink Green Tea or Sage Tea at night

Tea contains an astringent property which will dry out oils and prevent excess moister from escaping the skin. It essentially drys you from the inside out.

In addition to helping your complexion, green tea will neutralize many of the toxins that create the pungent odor in sweat. By the way, that odor is caused by bacteria that treats your sweat as a breeding ground. Gross!

4. Try Certain Dri (non-prescription deodorant)

You can buy this one at most pharmacies. Certain dry is a little less abrasive than Drysol so you won't need to worry as much about irritation. It is however a little less strong.

You'll want to gauge your level of Hyperhidrosis by first trying Certain Dri. If your sweating continues, upgrade to Drysol and that should do the trick.

5. Avoid spicy foods, alcohol and caffeine

Don't underestimate the power of your diet. Onions, Garlic, Curry, Coffee and a whole host of other ingredients are powerful triggers for hyperhidrosis sweating.

Cut out some of these cultprits and see gradual but noticeable results. Add leafy greens and tea into your diet for a positive effect on sweating. Changing your diet will really cut out the spontaneous sweating from your daily lunch breaks.

6. Try Iontophoresis treatments.

This is more of a phase 3 solution. Try the clinical deodorants and diet fixes first.

However, there is a treatment called Iontophoresis where you place your hands and feet into bowls or plates. The plates are filled with mineral water.

Connected to the plates is an Iontophoresis electromagnetic device. Gentle electic pulses are distributed through mineral
water. The minerals bond and temporarily change the nature of your sweat pores to block the sweat.

This treatment works well. You can learn about it through the Source link I've provided below.

7. Try a Sage Tea Soak

There's something called a Sage Tea solution what you do is...
a. Buy Sage Tea from your supermarket
b. Fill a large bowl with room temperature water
c. Put the sage tea bags in the bowl
d. Let the tea dissolve a bit.
e. soak your hands or feet for 15 minutes.

Sage Tea will act as an astringent to dry the skin and prevent excessive sweating for many days to follow.

Don't just do this soak one day. Do it everyday for 5 days straight (15 minutes at a time) and you'll see great results.

If your hands tan from the tea, just wash them in the sink with antibacterial soap. The residue will come off easily.

8. ETS (Endoscopic Thorasic Surgery)

If the sweating is bad enough, some people will opt towards ETS (Endoscopic Thorasic Surgery).

This is, however, a LAST resort. I recommend you try everything else possible before opting towards surgery. You can speak with your Dermatologist to find out more.



Mehul said...

Carlos, could you please mention what treatment worked for your hyperhidrosis?

jenny andy said...

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dancilhoney said...

I just wanted to thank Stop Sweating Start Living secrets it's totally stopped my sweating problem!!

Alex Neil said...

Hyperhidrosis is referred to as hyperhidrosis, and some people may have a tendency to excessive sweating, known as primary hyperhidrosis. Sweating can also be a symptom of several medical conditions, especially when the sweating is excessive or inappropriate. Many types of infections and cancers are associated with increased sweating that particularly occurs at night. Sweating may accompany hot flashes during the menopausal transition.

Naturalherbs Solutions said...

Staying cool, if you can, is the  Best Treatment for Hyperhidrosis  you can use. By drinking lots of water or tea temperature of your body will stay normal, keep away from caffeine and alcohol because they can make your body temperature increase.