Thursday, August 16, 2007

The black media

For years I've tried to get a bigger foothold into non-traditional newspapers with limited success. Hopefully all that is starting to change. I just had an interview with one of the reporters from the Sentinel in Tampa, and African-American weekly community paper. I think it went quite well. It was a market that, believe it or not, I hadn't considered until now. I guess I fell into the trap that most cartoonist do. I was so concerned with getting my work in 'mainstream' publications that I had totally ignored the community that helped get me here in the first place. The Sentinel was more interested in my inner-city background than my cartoon work. At the end of the interview, the editor there asked me if I'd want Cafe con Leche running in their publication. Of course I said yes.
I guess I learned something that day. Never under estimate anything, especially when its right under your nose.

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