Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Changes to Cafe con Leche

As some of you may already know by now, My strip "Cafe con Leche" has gone through some substantial changes. At first the focus was on lead characters Maria and Trey and their relationship. Now I'm focusing squarely on Trey. Narrowing my focus gives me more flexibility and it seems to be working. Now all story lines run through Trey, including his relationship with Maria, his cousin Ray-Ray and his mother.
The writing in the comic strip has also changed. I used to lean on the safe side but now things are more cutting edge. I'm trying to push the envelope and also make it more authentic. Most of the experiences that you'll see Trey going through come from personal knowledge. With a little ad-libbing on my part.

1 comment:

rrraaawww1942 said...

So, hyphenated first names, "redneck" referrences and implied ignorant white rural or southern are funny, uh, not bigoted or harmful to the public psyche by someone named Char-los?
I await your strips on fake African names of people who can't name 5 countries in Africa, or cultural rejectionists with hypenated last names to show that they, in their individual wisdom, have kept beyond the collective traditions arrived at over centuries.
Well, I reckon we's all better off with the learning' from one more inner city minority social critic...who ain't bigotted, no sir, not one bit. Bless your heart.