Sunday, November 30, 2008

Back to school

'Sup, all?

I know that I haven't written a damn thing in a very very long time but things have been quite tough lately. I've started to adjust to life in DC and to my job at the Times. Finding time to draw my two strips isn't tough. Fortunately I'm on the late shift, which frees up my mornings for cartoon-related endeavors.
Being unemployed in NYC last summer taught me a valuable lesson: Skills should be constantly updated. Which is why I am happy to announce that I'm officially enrolled at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington DC starting January. I was shocked at the price for the class but I consider the whole thing an investment in my future. I'm taking an extensive Flash course which meets once a week for 4 and a half hours for 4 months. I gotta say I'm absolutely thrilled to be taking this course.
I'm so looking forward to using my new skills and exploring everything I learn.
I plan on taking more courses in the future, but I want to get this big one out of the way. More later.

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