Saturday, August 23, 2008

Taking a break

Blogging from down in Florida awaiting tomorrow's flight back to New York. Came down here to recharge my batteries a bit after some very grueling weeks. I can't remember when I've drawn more cartoons than I have recently. My only thought is that things have to get better soon. I surely don't want to burn out on cartoons, but I seem to be heading in that direction. So this mini break probably came at a good time. It's funny how not drawing a cartoon for a few days makes me feel a bit imbalanced.
It's kind of like a drug. At this point in my life it feels like something that I must do to keep my sanity. It's how I remember who I am. Sort of addictive. Hey, everybody has their addictions, and mine is cartoons.
The bad thing about this little mini-vacation to Florida is that I arrived in the middle of the stupid Tropical Storm. Where's the sun? It was sunnier in New York City when I left. Odd that New York has better weather than Florida.
Enough of this. I gotta get myself prepared for the flight in the morning. Still haven't packed, but I'm a chronic procrastinator.

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