Wednesday, April 9, 2008

CCL comes to life

So, it's been about a year now since I launched my cartoon "Cafe con Leche." I must admit this cartoon was very difficult to draw at first because it was new territory for me. Before then I was comfortable drawing my single-panel cartoon "Working It Out," now I had to switch gears and draw a three-to-four panel comic strip. Besides that, the subject matter was tough because I had to draw upon real life experiences of an inter-racial relationship.
Things are a bit better now. The cartoon really has taken a life of its own. Instead of relying on my life experiences, the main characters have developed into their own personalities. I decided to focus more on the relationship side of Maria and Trey instead of purely stressing their racial differences.
I used to dread coming up with ideas for Cafe Con Leche, but now it's kinda fun. I find myself watching a lot of relationship sitcoms that I wouldn't normally watch like Everybody Loves Ray, Till Death, etc. It's been fun so far, now if I can just get some newspapers to pick it up.

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